NEW COURSES FOR January 2022


Gain an introductory qualification, work experience and a reference in Gardening/Horticulture


Meet and care for our rabbits, guiena pigs, chickens, lambs and hamsters. Gain an introductory qualification, work experience and a reference in Animal Care. 


Not ready for Functional SKills or GCSE yet . . use our indivudually tailored programme to gain skills and qualifications in areas you need 


Develop your confidence, employability skills and build your CV 

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The Bread Kitchen was set up to meet the needs of local people who, for a variety of reasons, have not been able to achieve their full potential in traditional educational settings. By listening to the unique needs of our participants, we are able to establish a community of learning which engages, educates and empowers.



Animal Care



Maths, English

Gardening Service

Alternative Provision

Working with local schools to support children and young people needed additional or alternative provision.

Childrens's  Activities

Wed 10-11:30am Toddler Group

Thursday 10-12 Homeschool group

Sat 10-12 Youth CLub 

How you can help . . .

  • Volunteer with us
  • Share your expertise
  • Share our website with others
  • Support us
  • Sponsor a student
  • Sponsor an animal
  • Buy an item from our Amazon wishlist
  • Donate via our website

Comments :

“They have been a big inspiration in my life. Ive got depression and am not always myself. They always changed that, they gave me self-confidence and inspired me to work towards my dreams”

P age 23


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